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Psychological warfare. World religions created to enslave mankind, aid in fomenting wars, and elevate ruling families. Western media peddles lies and brainwashes the populace. History is a litany of lies and perversions of truth. Wars are unnecessary, vile, and forced on humanity. Forced mass poisoning of population. Worldwide eugenics holocaust. Global central bankers. Century of warfare all scripted to bring about totalitarian world government now in its final stages. Diplomatic Peoples Republic of Korea one of the last proxy wars left leading to the final war of Armageddon, all brought to you by an unnecessary and heinous agenda purporting to be of some merit but bringing only ruin despair and destruction. Welcome to the new american century of abounding hypocrisy, treasonous lies, and genocidal war criminals leading the charge against the few countries not willing to subject their populations to the sycophantic control and forced poisoning NWO agenda 21. Welcome to Hell on Earth.


Abby Martin talks to filmmaker, Slavko Martinov, creator of the film 'Propaganda', a documentary made from the perspective of North Korea, which serves as a critique against the hyper capitalist structure, political manipulation, and consumerism that characterizes the western world.

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